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The Majesty line has fascinated executive golfers all over the world and has served as the engine of the worldwide premium golf club market.

With its combination of state-of-the-art technology and the highest-quality materials, paired with the subtle and artful craftsmanship that Japan is known for, the Majesty line of golf clubs allows golfers to feel proud and confident, and sets their mind at ease.

The Majesty line has been dominating the market for years as unsurpassed top-end golf equipment. The Majesty line not only features an appearance that relays the attaining of levels of artistry inherited over generations, but it has also always been required to have “overwhelming distance performance that excels over all others” as a prime aspect of its nature.

PRESTIGIO, positioned as the flagship model of the Majesty series, has now entered its ninth generation, with the PRESTIGIO9. With a deep-faced round head, the ball gets shot out strongly, cutting the air with its liner trajectories, and drives outward straight and far.

After an impressive landing, the ball reaches unknown realms. Every golfer will smile at the strongest shot in the history of the Majesty line.

Unmistakably the king of kings, Majesty makes the shots scientific.

Introducing MAJESTY’s PRESTIGIO 9.