MJ PST9_910x250


Majesty’s mission:
Overwhelming distance performance that excels over all others


COG design that achieves a liner trajectory forcing balls to stay on the face and driving balls farther

Amazing performance with deep COG but a low sweet spot

MAJESTY-specific structure so as to achieve more advanced
COG design

New triple-unit structure, so as to adopt the most suitable material and process for each part


Innovative technology with further weight reduction and
higher restitution performance


“Super Spider Web”


Spider web-like structure with
toughness and flexibility
Smaller grooves in the sidelines to
expand the restitution area

“Thin Cup” faceface


The head body accumulates the power concentrated on the face so as to contribute to weight reduction.

Laser-engraved face for constantly stable spin performance


The face adopts a special laser-engraved face. This provides consistent spin performance in both wet and dry conditions, and it prevents the ball speed from dropping.

Form of head that suggests an image of trajectory


When the face progression is small, the golfer tends to feel that the address is tight. This club lowers the heel-side of the upper face so as to reduce incongruity and improve feeling when addressing the ball.


This lowers the toe-side face to reduce uprightness and eliminate the sense of a closed face of the head, so as to give players the image of hitting the ball more strongly.


A thicker face gives the golfer the image of “capturing” the ball more securely.

What is the “Craft Master” model?

This model utilizes a modeling procedure in which craftspeople create wooden models that are then digitally captured by a computer so as to design the COG, instead of using conventional computer modeling.

Long shaft-specific design for stronger shots


New technologies for long shafts to achieve easier swings and higher smash factors.

Adopts super-elastic 78t ultra-thin prepreg GI/EI ratio-optimized design to make shafts flex without going “off the way”

Linear stiffness distribution design to achieve smooth flex

Adopts ultra-low resin carbon sheets and fullerene functionalized carbon

Technologies to achieve high precision and rigidity with ultra-low weight

Multi-tier sheet winding method using ultra-thin carbon sheets

Double hoop design so as to make thin wall shafts more crashworthy

Strength-equalizing design so as to equalize bending rigidity along the
entire length

Six design policies to make clubs flex as if they were an extension of the arm and to achieve high directional stability even at a length of 47 inches


W1 Head

Material Crown: 6-4 Titanium Grade5Sole: 3-1-1-1 TitaniumFace : Super 438FG-X

Hosel : Light Spectific Gravity Fullerene Titanium

Crown: Super Plasticity Process + Compress MoldingSole: Super Plasticity Process + Compression MoldingFace : Super Plasticity Process + High precision Round Bar Hot Forging

Hosel : High-quality Casting

Finish & Color Finish : Mirror Finishing + Double Gold I.P.Color : Luster Red + Red-Brown Gradation



No. W1
Loft (°) 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5
Lie (°) 58.5 58.5 58.5 58.5
Progression (mm) 14.7 15.7 17.1 18.2
Head Volume (cm³) 460 460 460 460
Length (Inch) 47 47 47 47
Total Weight (g) / Swingweight S 267/D4 267/D4 (-) (-)
SR 264/D3 264/D3 264/D3 (-)
R 261/D2 261/D2 261/D2 (-)
R2 (-) 259/D1 259/D1 (-)

( )are custom specifications.
*custom specifications: 45.5~47.5 inch
*Length of 47.5 inch conform to R&A rule of length, which is 48 inches measured by 60 degree method


Flex S SR R R2
Weight (g) 42 40 39 38
Torque 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.1
Kick Point Full
Material Ultra Low Resin Thinnest Carbon + Fullerene + 78t Ultra High Modulus Carbon
Color Gold I.P.(PAT3159592) + Wine Gradation



  Weight (g) ID Print Color
MJ Light 30D 30 D GOLD