Trajectory Control System



By switching the two weights (4g / 19g) COG position can be adjusted: 〈1〉Low COG, Distance Focused Setting & 〈2〉Deep COG, Stability Focused Setting






〈1〉Power Position・・・Low COG and Distance

Mid-high trajectory, long distance

▼Recommended for
・Long holes on golf courses with wide fairways. Use this setting if you want to gain distance on your second shot.
・Windy conditions – Gaining distance through roll keeping the ball low.


〈2〉Lift Position・・・Deep COG and Stability

High trajectory, optimized ball contact  and directional stability

▼Recommended for
・Holes with hazards around the green.
・Hilly courses, when you want to get the ball up easily.
・Aiming precisely at the green with your second shot.


Comparing 〈1〉 and 〈2〉 spot height differs approx. 2mm, CoG depth approx. 3.5mm.




High Strength Maraging Custom 465


Custom 465 is known for its tremendous strength, approximately twice as high as 6-4 Titanium.
The application of the material contributes to material thinning; thus, it allows for enhanced repulsion performance and trimmed face weight.
Repulsion performance maximizing Cup Face profile is implemented.



Exhilarating Sound Design



Vibration control on the sole produces a powerful sustained impact sound.
Maruman Z’s sound design delivers a solid, exhilarating acoustic feedback – distance made audible.




Material Face: Custom 465 Cup Face
Crown: CH-1 

Body: 17-4PH Stainless


Manufacturing Method Face: Precision Forging 

Crown: Cold Rolling

Body: Precision Casting


Finishing, Color Finishing: Deep Black I.P. 

Color: Semi-matt Silver


W3 W5 W7 W9
Loft (° ) 15 18 21 24
Lie Angle (°) 58 58.5 59 59.5
Progression (mm) 14.5 15.5 17.1 19
Head Volume (cm³) 195 185 175 165
6SeriesLength (inch) 42.75 42.25 41.75 41.25
Weight(g)/Balance S 316/D2 320/D2 323/D2 (327/D2)
SR 312/D1 315/D1 319/D1 323/D1
R 309/D0 312/D0 316/D0 320/D0
6Series Length (inch) 42.75 42.25 41.75 41.25
Weight(g)/Balance S 330/D3 334/D3 337/D3 (341/D3)
SR 326/D2 330/D2 334/D2 (338/D2)
R 325/D2 328/D2 332/D2 (336/D2)

* (-) are custom specifications.


SHAFT Z713 5Series
Flex S SR R
Weight (g) 55 52 51
Torque 5.0 5.0 5.0
Kick Point Middle
SHAFT Z713 6Series
Flex S SR R
Weight (g) 69 67 65
Torque 4.3 4.3 4.3
Kick Point Middle to Low


GRIP Weight (g) Inner Dia.
Z Rubber Backlined 44 D