Low Spin Technology

Preventing excessive spin for more distance


To achieve unmatched distance, all focus has been put on low COG head design. This design generates a strong trajectory while keeping the form orthodox for easy address.






Alignment Face Design

Score lines on the toe and heel side have been removed to inspire an Iron-like image and facilitate alignment.

Accentuating the score line on the bottom conveys the image of launching the ball with ease.






From butt to tip, stiffness is smoothly distributed and a crisp whipping feeling is realized, efficiently supporting head movement.


Features by Flex

With emphasis on whole whipping and light weight, smooth feeling is ensured even at slower swing speed.
Firmer than L-Flex, yet whole whipping can be felt.
【Ladies R】Flex
Swing feeling and shaft weight closer to the Men’s model. Particularly recommended for Irons.


Material Body: 17-4PH Stainless


Manufacturing Method Body: Precision Casting


Finishing, Color Finishing: Deep Black I.P.

Color: Semi-matt Silver


Club U4 U5 U6
Loft (°) 22 25 28
Lie (°) 61 61.5 62
Progression (㎜) 13.5 15.0 16.3
Volume (㎝³) 119 119 119
Length (inch) 39 38.5 38
Total Weight(g)/


R 317/C4 322/C4 (327/C4)
Length (inch) 38.5 38 37.5
Total Weight(g)/


A (315/C2) (320/C2) (325/C2)
L 310/C1 315/C1 320/C1



















*( ) are custom specifications.

Name: Z713 LADIES
Flex R A L
Weight (g) 49 46 44
Torque 4.7 5.3 5.4
Kick Point Low
Name Weight (g) ID
Z Rubber Ladies backlined 33 L