Experience full flight control with the Driver’s innovative adjustment features, enabling even changes in club length. Freely adjust swing feel, trajectory and flight according to your preferences.


By changing the swingweight, the feel of your swing changes

Replace the included balance control weight (4 Types) to adjust the feel (the club head’s feedback).




By changing lie / face angle, the trajectory changes

Just rotate the Driver’s shaft to adjust lie and face angle to 1 out of 8 options.
This allows you to correct slices or pulls, as well as launch angle.




By changing club length, the flight changes

With Maruman Z Driver, length adjustment becomes possible.
You only have to place the included Spacer between Head and Shaft and fix it with the dedicated Fixing Screw.
Through this, you can change the club from short (for directional stability) to long (for distance), according to the current conditions.



Partially Trimmed Face Design for Maruman Z

《1》Implementation of ZA008N, the face material ideal for high repulsion performance within rule conformity. ZA008N is approximately 1.4 times as strong as commonly used 6-4Ti, contributing to material trimming and repulsion area expansion.

《2》Partially Trimmed Design for the expansion of ultra-thin areas, contributing to reduction of face weight and expanded repulsion area

《3》Cup Face Structure maximizes the benefits of material and design for performance at the limit

The ultimate face structure to maximize anticipated performance realized through optimal material and design. Generating a wide area of high repulsion just within rule conformity.


Exhilarating Sound Design

Realizing exhilarating impact sound with powerful driving sensation

●Round Sole・・・Over-all round sole profile

●Power Rib・・・Vibration controlling rib



From butt to tip, stiffness is smoothly distributed and a crisp whipping feeling is realized, efficiently supporting head movement.


Features by Flex

With emphasis on whole whipping and light weight, smooth feeling is ensured even at slower swing speed.
Firmer than L-Flex, yet whole whipping can be felt.
【Ladies R】Flex
Swing feeling and shaft weight closer to the Men’s model. Particularly recommended for Irons.

Material Face: ZA008N Titanium
Body: Light Specific Gravity 8-1-1 Titanium
Manufacturing Method Face: Precision Hot Forging + Milling Processed
Body: Precision Casting
Finishing, Color Finishing: Deep Black I.P. Color: Semi-matt Silver
Club W1
Loft (°) 11 12.5
Lie (°) 59 *1 59 *1
Progression (㎜) 18.5 20.0
Volume (㎝³) 435 435
Length (inch) 44.5 *2 44.5 *2
Total Weight(g)/Swingweight R 277/C6 277/C6
Length (inch) 44.0 *3 44.0 *3
Total Weight(g)/Swingweight A 274/C4 274/C4
L 270/C3 270/C3









*1 When set on NEUTRAL position.
*2 Adjustable to two shaft length options: 44.5 inch, 45 inch
*3 Adjustable to two shaft length options: 44inch、44.5inch


Name: Z713 LADIES
Flex R A L
Weight (g) 49 46 44
Torque 6.5 6.6 6.9
Kick Point Low
Name Weight (g) ID
Z Rubber Ladies no backline 32.5 L