A new type of performance-focused Driver with light total weight, heavy head and long shaft, increasing the initial speed and leading to MAJESTY Royal-LV’s unprecedented performance.


Unit 1:

Compression Molding

Crown: High-grade Light Specific gravity 6-4 Titanium Grade5 (Specific Gravity: 4.4)

Super Honey Comb Structure on the backside contributes to further weight-trimming.
thinnest part:0.35㎜


Unit 2:

High Precision Round Bar Hot Forging

Face: Super438FG-X, an innovative high repulsion light specific gravity material  (Specific Gravity: 4.38). Partially trimmed structure on backside further reduces weight.


Unit 3:

High Quality Casting

Hosel: High strength light specific gravity Fullerene Titanium (Specific Gravity: 4.27)

Fullerene Structure

Fullerene is comprised of 0.7nm molecules. Intensity enhanced metal matrix, which is established through nano-technology.


Mirror Finishing– a technique of thoroughly finishing complex curved surfaces

MAJESTY heads are thoroughly finished in every detail, regardless of how complexly curved the surfaces are. This fact is the proof of high-grade materials, precise processing and techniques by Maruman’s skilled craftsmen.


Coloring of a rare beauty, feature of MAJESTY high-end clubs

The profound color gradation, enhancing the beautiful features below, is solely attainable through the skills of experienced Master craftsmen. The combination of these processes finally brings forth MAJESTY’s luxurious appearance.


Material Crown: 6-4 Titanium Grade5 

Sole: 3-1-1-1 Titanium

Face: Super438FG-X

Hosel: Light Specific Gravity Fullerene Titanium


Manufacturing Method Crown, Sole: Compression Molding 

Face: High Precision Round Bar Hot Forging

Hosel: High-quality Casting


Finishing, Color Finishing: Mirror Finishing + Black&Pink Gold I.P. 

Color: Sepia Gold + Royal Brown Gradation


Loft (°) 11.5 13
Lie Angle (°) 61 61
Progression (mm) 19 19.5
Head Volume (cm³) 460 460
Length (Inch) 44.5 44.5
Weight(g)/Balance L 260/C2 260/C2


Flex L
Weight(g) 42
Torque 6.5
Kick Point LOW
Material High Strength, High Modulus Fullerene Carbon
Color Royal Brown Gradation


Grip Weight (g) Inner Dia. Color


tendency to whip partially