15 MAJESTY Royal Black




PRESTIGIOⅧ was put on the market in the spring of 2014, loaded with innovative functions, and is on sale with great reviews as golf clubs that “deliver distance.”


Using this technology to the utmost, we have come up with ROYAL as the most powerful distance-delivery driver that exhibits a linear trajectory.


The technology realizes performance that not only traditional MAJESTY owners but also professional and skilled golfers evaluate as characteristic of a driver that “delivers distance.” Golfers’ actual use and satisfaction will create a ripple effect.That is the new MAJESTY ROYAL,




Three Themes Addressed by ROYAL BLACK


Use the technology of PST to the utmost and evolve the technology of RYL


ㆍStrong Impact Loft Design, SPIDER WEB Face, Triple Unit Structure

ㆍForm, Hitting Sound, Laser-Engraved Face

ㆍLV-Design for longer shaft  using 78t high modulus carbon


A driver every golfer evaluates as “distance elivering!” irrespective of H/S


ㆍOf course, conventional target golfers can drive long

ㆍSpec settings not seen in the ROYAL series until now

ㆍClub performance highly rated by professional and skilled golfers


Shake off an image of clubs for powerless golfers and an image of luxury clubs


ㆍSimple and slimmed-down appearance and form

ㆍColoring based on black, desired by golfers who dislike glamorous designs

ㆍClub specs that do not give an uneasy feeling even when used by professional and skilled golfers