Fairway Wood with high Launch Angle through thorough Weight Distribution and excellent Distance Performance

COG Design Focused on Distance Performance

Titanium with light specific gravity is employed to the main body.  The “Weight Through Structure” exposing a high specific gravity Stainless weight on the sole contributes to a thoroughly lowered COG and realizes a high launch angle and a low spin rate.


Ball Contact optimizing Head Form

Vertically widened face increases smash factor and visualizes easy ball launch.


Innovative Technology only found in MAJESTY

Employing the MAJESTY Series unique Triple Unit Structure as head structure. On the face, SUPER 454HM-X, excelling in repulsion performance compared with SUPER438FG-X, is employed. With the employment, the value of the coefficient of restitution, which has slightly more leeway compared to the Driver, is set very close to the rule conformity limit.

Moreover, the implementation of the same SPIDER WEB Structure that can also be found on the Driver’s face backside widens the high repulsion area.

Laser engraving is also applied to the face as finishing to prevent the ball from stalling in flight due to rainy play conditions.

Head cover


Original head cover included









Material Crown: 6-4 Titanium Grade5 

Sole: 3-1-1-1 Titanium + Stainless Weight

Face: Super454HM-X

Hosel: Light Specific Gravity Fullerene Titanium


Manufacturing Method Crown, Sole: Compression Molding 

Face: High Precision Hot Forging

Hosel: High-quality Casting


Finishing, Color Finishing: Mirror Finishing + Double Gold I.P. 

Color: Fire Red + Red Brown Gradation


W3 W4 W5 W7 W9
Loft (°) 15 17 19 21 24
Lie Angle (°) 58 58.5 59 59.5 60
Progression (mm) 16.4 17.7 18.9 20.1 21.9
Head Volume (cm³) 220 218 205 202 185
Length (Inch) 43 42.75 42.5 42 41.5
Weight (g) / Swingweight S 293/D2 294/D2 295/D2 299/D2 303/D2
SR 289/D1 291/D1 292/D1 296/D1 300/D1
R 286/D0 288/D0 289/D0 293/D0 297/D0
R2 285/C9 286/C9 288/C9 292/C9 296/C9

*Custom specifications: ±0.5 inch

Flex S SR R R2
Weight (g) 42 40 39 38
Torque 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.1
Kick Point FULL
Model Name Weight (g) Inner Dia. Color