Strong Trajectory produced by Titanium Composite Structure


Face-Crown Titanium Structure


Innovative Face-Crown Titanium Structure on the main body.

The application of Titanium to Fairway woods enables a COG design generally impossible for middle to small sized heads; generating a strong, wind defying trajectory and an exhilarating hitting sound.





Super New Balance Club (S.N.B.C.) Technology


Same as in Driver, the application of S.N.B.C. Technology to Fairway woods has made possible an increase of head weight by 5g in comparison to the past model. This results in increased initial velocity by 1.1MPH at the same swing speed.



Balance Control Feature


With balance weight replacement, the club’s balance can be adjusted according to the golfer’s preferred swing feel and conditions of the day.


Accessory: Wrench and weight kit


Balance Weight Replacement

-2pt, -1pt, Standard, +1pt, +2pt








Material Body: 17-4PH Stainless 

Face, Crown: 6-4 Titanium


Manufacturing Method Body: High-quality Casting 

Face, Crown: One-piece Precision Casting + Atomic Joint


Finishing, Color Finishing: Deep Black I.P. 

Color: Deep Black


W3 W5 W7
Loft (° ) 14.5 18 21
Lie Angle (°) 58 58.5 59
Progression (mm) 15.5 17 18
Head Volume (cm³) 180 172 167
Length (inch) 42.75 42.25 41.75
Weight(g)/Balance X - - -
S 327/D3 331/D3 335/D3
SR 323/D2 327/D2 331/D2

* (-) are custom specifications.


Flex X S SR
Weight (g) 57 55 53
Torque 4.0 4.1 4.1
Kick Point Middle


GRIP Weight (g) Inner Dia. Print Color
MA NB2 48.0 SD White