Distance powered by its unyielding Head Design


The uncompromising, performance-focused, aesthetic design of CONDUCTOR PRO-X is a testimony to strength and power. Its simple, efficient body form resembles the lean body of a top athlete; this form converts the power overflowing from within into the energy, taking the ball further than ever. This is the reason behind its simple beauty.



PRO-X Power Head Concept


1. True COG Design (*1)

Optimal head COG distribution for generating the trajectory desired by pros and skilled golfers.


2. Dynamic Crown

Efficiently transferring energy to the ball by focusing hitting points on the sweet area (slightly above face center) through the crown’s rounded visuals.


3. 205g Heavy Weight Head

Through the application of  Super New Balance Club (S.N.B.C.) technology (*2), the head weight is increased to 205g, without altering the MOI and thus maintaining the same swing feel.


Due to the effect of head mass, the energy transferred to the ball is maximized.




Balance Control Feature



With balance weight replacement, the club’s balance can be adjusted according to the golfer’s preferred swing feel and conditions of the day.


Accessory: Wrench and weight kit


Balance Weight Replacement

-2pt, -1pt, Standard, +1pt, +2pt







Exhilarating Sound Design


With a clear distinction to uneven shaped sole designs, the Driver’s head design is based on a round sole design, composed of one continuous curved line. This head design and the Wide Power Rib, installed inside the head, generate a sustained high-frequency, exhilarating sound.













Material Body: 8-1-1 Titanium 



Manufacturing Method Body: High-quality Casting
Face: Precision Hot Forging + Milling


Finishing, Color Finishing: Deep Black I.P. 

Color: Deep Black

Loft (° ) 8.5 9.5 10.5
Lie Angle (°) 59 59 59
Face Angle (°) 0 0 H0.5
Progression (mm) 16.5 16.5 17
Head Volume (cm³) 460 460 460
Length (inch) 45 45 45

X 313/D4 313/D4 -
S - 310/D3 310/D3
SR - - 307/D2

* (-) are custom specifications.

* “H” besides the face angle value signifies “Hook”.


Flex X S SR
Weight (g) 55 53 51
Torque 4.2 4.3 4.3
Kick Point Middle


GRIP Weight (g) Inner Dia. Print Color
MA NB2 48.0 SD White