The Return of the uncompromising, strong CONDUCTOR


An advanced CONDUCTOR has returned with its cursive style logo, representing the golden age of the brand, when it was enjoying numerous victories in major tournaments all around the world. Its authentic, simple design unites nostalgia with innovation, and is specifically aimed at athlete golfers.


Distance, powered by its unyielding Head Design


The uncompromising, performance-focused, aesthetic design of Conductor PRO-X is a testimony to strength and power. Its simple, efficient body form resembles the lean body of a top athlete; this form converts the power overflowing from within into the energy taking the ball farther than ever. This is the reason behind its simple beauty.





Maximum Energy generated through True COG Design and Dynamic Crown

Optimal head COG distribution for generating the trajectory desired by pros and skilled golfers. Further, efficiently transferring energy to the ball by focusing hitting points on the sweet area (slightly above face center) through the crown’s rounded visuals.






Face-Crown Titanium Structure

Innovative Face-Crown Titanium Structure on the main body.
The application of Titanium to Fairway woods enables a COG design generally impossible for middle to small sized heads; generating a strong, wind defying trajectory and an exhilarating hitting sound.





Forged + High Precision CNC milled Head

Face outline, backside and surface are High Precision CNC milled. Face profile and head parts are processed with unprecedented dimensional accuracy, staging an exquisite milled appearance not seen in any past forged head. The smooth finish grinding of the milled parts delivers its premium look.