“New” Science & Art The MAJESTY PRESTIGIO9


The New MAJESTY PRESTIGIO9 : Unmistakably the king of kings, MAJESTY makes the shots scientific.

[Concept] Overwhelming distance performance Satisfaction of ownership
● “Craft Master” model, featuring the most detailed craftsmanship
● Unique innovative technology and structure for lighter weight and optimum COG
● Long shaft design for more higher swing speed
● COG design that achieves a liner trajectory forcing balls to stay on the face and driving balls farther.
● MAJESTY-specific structure so as to achieve more advanced COG design.
● Innovative technology with further weight reduction and higher restitution performance.
● Form of head that suggests an image of trajectory.
● COG design and process to achieve longer distance with high trajectory
● Two UTILITY models, selectable according to types of players
● Dual-unit structure, so as to achieve longer distances with high trajectory
● Thin box structure, so as to achieve superior restitution performance
● Head form for comfortable aiming and good swing capability
● Different design for each number, so as to give an ideal trajectory for the desired distance