“KS Putter” created by giving shape to the ideas of Kenzo Sugiyama, the master craftsman of MARUMAN

Kenzo Sugiyama, the master craftsman of Maruman who has a vast knowledge of golf, came up with a putter that provides troubled golfers with a stable stroke.
“HEAVY HEAD – ORIGINAL CENTER SHAFT – FAT GRIP.” While boasting outstanding directional stability, it is said that the putter also provides golfers with a delicate sense of distance with a feeling as if you are rolling the ball by hand.

“Have you decided where to aim? Leave the rest to the putter. As the putter tells you, just move the putter head back and bring it down. The ball will roll to the target beautifully. Never three putt again.”

The putter seems to make these words audible when you breathe deeply and get into the address position.

With the “KS Putter,” Kenzo Sugiyama enables you to hit the ball straight with exquisite
touch. You only have to determine the direction to aim and the width of swing.